Turn the performance of this FSS in to the performance of referral-sites

We notify you that week we’ll turn off the functionality of producing your File Sharing Program onto your own domain name (FSS). The main reason is from the rigorous principles of the payment gateway systems, banks and charging into the document sharing internet sites nature. Regrettably, not all of payments systems can just accept the obligations from other domain names within an 1 account. Thus, we up against a circumstance at which it was the the conversion rate of buyers and visitors over the FSS became two times worse compared to our principal domain Turbobit.net. We lose our likely profits!

This is exactly the reason why we made a decision to improve the present functionality of this FSS into the functionality of referral-sites. Which usually means that the FSS URLs automatically will proceed ahead Turbobit.net and most of the proprietors of FSS site are certain to find precisely the exact earnings from the website, but as from the referral-site. It lets you maybe not mystery as a result of limited variations of payment choices and also in order to prevent different problems using the paid superior code for users.

And the proprietors of FSS internet sites can boost their earnings as a result of the reason.

Best Wishes,

Turbobit Premium Team

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