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With the file host Turbobit you can choose between the free version or the Turbobit Premium Account. Depending on your wishes and requirements, both options can be very attractive. Download or upload large amounts of data at a good price.


More information can be found on this website Turbobit

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The Turbobit offer

With the Turbobit Premium Account, you can use the highest possible download speed, see no advertisements, and are not subject to forced breaks. This makes it much easier to use Turbobit, especially if you regularly use the provider’s offerings.

There are five different ways to access Turbobit Premium, so there’s the right package for everyone.

Of course it is also possible to use the offer free of charge. However, the speed is greatly reduced, advertising appears and it cannot be downloaded continuously. In addition, the use of a download manager without Turbobit Premium is not planned.

The two bonus offers

On the one hand, as a user, you can advertise yourself for the provider and receive attractive commissions for this. On the other hand, there is the possibility to make money by uploading different files. You can get up to 40€ for example for only 1000 downloads. In this way, everyone can earn a small pocket money or even a full weekly wage.

The payment methods

There are many ways to pay for a Turbobit Premium Account. This includes the common funds such as Visa, Mastercard, SEPA and PayPal, but also completely anonymous methods such as payment with Bitcoins. Whether you want to pay Turbobit Premium via Paysafecard, WebMonkey or Giropay, the Filehoster offers you many possibilities.

Another important information is that you will receive a 25% discount if you decide to activate the automatic renewal of your Turbobit Premium Account. In this way, the following prices for each debit are reduced.

The cost of a Turbobit account

Life1 week1 month6 months1 year2 years
Fare5,95 $9,95 $34,95 $59,95 $89,95 $
Price per day0,85 $0,33 $0,19 $0,16 $0,12 $

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Your privacy and data protection

The provider states in its regulations that both the protection of the data and the privacy of the users is always guaranteed.

When you visit the website, the first data is automatically saved. This includes, for example, demographic information and the type of operating system. After a registration follows the data to be entered, such as e-mail address and name. In addition, data such as the IP address, the browser used or the duration of the visit to the website can be stored.

All such data, with the exception of personal data, will be treated anonymously and with absolute confidentiality. Personal information is encrypted to ensure safe traffic.

In order to facilitate the use of the site, cookies are stored, which help the user and ensure that the website can be adapted to the user.

Customer service

For English-speaking users, there is a FAQ area available that can answer many questions directly. If this is not enough for you, there are several ways to contact us.

You can contact customer service by using the contact form, e-mail or ICQ. It is also possible to use Skype to ask your questions to customer service representatives. Usually you will get a quick answer during office hours. The Turbobit team is at your disposal from Monday to Saturday from 12 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The user-friendliness

The Turbobit website is very simple and easy to understand. All information is found quickly and the file upload function is instantly visible. You don’t even need an account to use it – you can simply upload something without entering any data.

Users can start directly from the home page by dragging and dropping or via “Uploading Files”. At the top are also the two tabs “Turbo access” and “Earn money”. Under the first tab you will learn everything you need to know about using the Turbobit Premium Account and on the second subpage the attractive earning opportunities are presented.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Turbobit.net?

Turbobit.net is a free cloud storage service where you can upload your files, store them, share files with your friends by providing them with links to your files, and download your friends’ files using links they provide.

What advantages do you offer?

  • Fast file exchange without signing up;
  • We support https for safe information exchange;
  • Upload of files with one click from your computer or mobile phone and even from another website;
  • Turbobit Uploader, a user-friendly desktop application for uploading files to your account;
  • Automatic selection of the least heavily loaded FTP server, to upload files to your account fast;
  • Download speed from our servers can reach ~ 1 Gbit/sec;
  • Upload of files up to 100 GB in size, or up to 200 Mb for unregistered users;
  • Storage time for files: 30 days from the moment of last download, 60 days for Turbo (premium) users and 7 days for unregistered users;
  • No limit on the total size and number of your files;
  • File download happens from the file server which is located closest to you, which increases data transmission speed;
  • Support for downloading and resumed downloading of files using all popular download managers;
  • Special Turbo (premium) access with high speeds, without time delays, and without advertising;
  • Your files are always available via mobile phone or computer connected to the Internet
  • Quick support by means of several channels of communication (Skype, ICQ, ticket system and email) for fast solution of any questions.

Does your site use only one language?

No, our service is multilingual. Turbobit.net is used in many countries of the world and our website supports several important languages. The language of our site is selected automatically based on your browser settings. And also, you can always switch the website language manually.

Is there a mobile version of your website?

Yes, there is a mobile version of our website available at https://m.turbobit.net If a user navigates to Turbobit.net on a mobile device, the site will be redirected to the mobile version automatically.

What security measures can I use with my account?

We provide several basic elements to ensure the security of your account:Security code – we will ask you to confirm your security code when you choose to delete a file. Be careful not to lose your security code, since it cannot be restored. The new security code will be activated in 15 days, during which time all file removal operations will be frozen.
Password hacking prevention system – turn on/off the limit of unsuccessful login attempts. After 10 unsuccessful attempts, you will have to confirm authorization via email. The security system blocks attempts to sign in using that user name for 12 hours. Until the block is removed, all attempts of authorization will be unsuccessful.
Captcha – in addition to your user name and password, the security system on the sign-in page can request you to identity random characters from a picture (captcha).

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions about our service you can write to our support desk. To do this, send a message via our support portal at https://support.turbobit.net and wait for our response. You will receive an answer within a short period of time. To ensure that your question is dealt with as quickly as possible, please take care to select the specific department of our support desk to which you want to write. In addition, please refrain from creating several identical requests relating to the same problem: this will only make processing your question slower.

I want to upload files to the server – How can I upload a file using my browser?

It is very simple:
1. Use the ‘Select File’ button or the ‘Drag & Drop’ function to select any file on your computer for upload.
2. Press the ‘Start Upload’ button.
3. Copy the file download link you receive and distribute it.

What does the ‘Parallel (simultaneous) fileupload’ option mean, when uploading via the browser?

If you are uploading several files at once, you can choose to upload them singly or in parallel. Parallel uploading of files can save time, if your Internet connection is fast enough, since your files will upload in parallel. Parallel upload is available to registered users only.

How can I upload files via FTP?

File upload via FTP is only available to registered users. To connect to the FTP server you will need to have one of the popular FTP managers (for example FileZilla), a host (FTP server address), and your user name and password for authorization.

You can get your user name and password for authorization in the ‘FTP upload’ section of your account at https://turbobit.net/upload/ftp , under ‘FTP accounts’. If anyone else wants to upload files to your account using FTP, you do not have to share your account details with them. Just click ‘Create one more FTP account’ to generate an additional user name and password so that they can have access to FTP upload.
For file upload you can use the single FTP server ftp.turbobit.net, or free servers from the ‘Show all FTP servers’. Pay attention to color differences in the list of servers: green means low load; yellow means medium load; red means high load.

In order to move your files from your selected FTP server to your account, you need to select a transfer method before uploading, under ‘Transfer of files from an FTP server to your personal account’:Automatic transfer – files are transferred automatically to your account every 10 minutes;Manual transfer – clicking ‘transfer files’ starts the file transfer as soon as they have finished uploading.

Can I create an additional FTP user?

Yes. If anyone else wants to upload files to your account via FTP, you do not have to share your account details with them. Just click ‘create one more FTP account’ on this page: https://turbobit.net/upload/ftp , under ‘FTP accounts’, to generate an additional user name and password so they can have access to FTP upload.

Why don’t I see files in my account when I upload them via FTP?

First, check which file transfer mode is selected in your account. If ‘Automatic file transfer’ is selected, the FTP server is synced with your account every 10 minutes. That is, after uploading files to the FTP server, you will see them in your account after approximately 10 minutes.
If you have ‘Manual file transfer’ selected, then after uploading files you will need to transfer them to your account manually by clicking on ‘move files’ against the server to which your files have been uploaded. That is, your files will be moved to your account only after you click ‘move files’.

What is the maximum size of file I can upload via FTP?

We provide each user with 100 GB of FTP space, which is cleared each time you transfer files to your account. Thus, the combined size of files uploaded at one time cannot exceed this quota.

Do you restrict the FTP upload speed? Why am I getting such a low speed?

FTP file upload speed is not restricted by us. But upload speed can vary depending on the load on any FTP server. Note in addition that Turbo (premium) access does not make any difference to upload speed. Turbo (premium) makes a difference to file download speeds from our service, and the length of time for which files are stored.
If you are getting a low file upload speed via FTP and your provider does not restrict outgoing internet speed, try changing the FTP server you are using for file upload. In addition, try replacing or updating your FTP manager.

What is Turbobit Uploader and where I can download it?

Turbobit Uploader is a user-friendly desktop application for Windows, with which you can upload your files with one click. Here are some of its advantages:
-Simple upload by right-click or Drag &Drop;
-Resume uploads interrupted by a connection failure;
-Automatic selection of the server to upload.

You can download our desktop file manager for uploading files on this page: https://turbobit.net/turbouploader

Can I upload files from other websites or file sharing services?

Yes, you can upload files from other websites using direct links (http or ftp), and you can upload files from other file sharing services using direct premium links or premium accounts from other file sharing services. To use remote uploading, you must be the registered user.
A complete list of available file sharing services from which you can upload file scan be seen on this page: https://turbobit.net/user/urlfiles
You can add a new remote upload link by using the first icon at the bottom of the table.

How long does the Turbobit.net server keep the files?

For unregistered users, the maximum storage period is 7 days.
For registered users, the storage time is increased up to 30 days starting from the moment of the most recent file download.
For Turbo (premium) users, storage time is increased up to 60 days starting from the moment of the most recent file download.

What is the maximum file size that may be uploaded?

For unregistered users, the maximum file size is limited to 200 MB.
For registered users, the maximum file size is 100 Gb(no more than 4Gb for in-browser uploads)

How I can delete a file I have uploaded?

If you are registered and you upload files to your account, then all your files are located in the ‘My Files’ section: https://turbobit.net/user/files
To delete a file, mark it with the checkbox on the left, then scroll down and click on the icon with a red cross (a delete icon).
If you have uploaded a file as a guest, then you will receive file management links as soon as the file has been uploaded to the server. Among these links there is a unique link for deleting the file. Additionally, if your file is not downloaded within 7 days then it will be removed automatically.

Can I archive files and password-protect them?

You can upload the archives made with any popular programs (for example WinRaR, WinZiP etc.) to our server. And also, as additional protection for your files, you can protect these archives with passwords.
But it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to archive your files using the special software or services which require any payment for archived files, by SMS or other means!

My file has been deleted! Why?

You can discover the reason why any of your files has been deleted from data located in the ‘Deleted files’ folder on this page: https://turbobit.net/user/files
If your file has been deleted with the ‘abuse’ label, this means that we have received a complaint from the copyright holder or the content of file violates the rules of our service.
If your file has been deleted with the ‘blacklist’ label, this means that your file is in the list of forbidden (blacklisted) files.
All files will be kept only if they comply with our rules. This means that as soon as any file containing data violating copyright or other law in any way is detected, it will be removed from the service immediately.
We reserve the right to block any accounts in which we find any material violating the rules and conditions of our service.

My file was deleted as soon as I uploaded it! What does ‘Some of your files have been removed for infringement of rules’ mean?

Most likely, your file is in the forbidden list (blacklist).
We have to delete all copies of files violating copyright if the rights holders demand it.
To do this, we calculate and record an MD5 hash of each such file to prevent re-upload files and delete all existing copies from the site.
An MD5hash (checksum) is a unique identifier for a file. If two files have the same checksum, it means that they are identical in content even if for some reason they have different names.

I can’t upload files to your server. What should I do?

Check your Internet connection; if possible, try using a different connection.
Clear your browser’s cache and cookies and try uploading your files again. Try using another browser (the latest version).
You should also check your antivirus, adblock or firewall: maybe they are blocking our service from working correctly.

What files are forbidden to be uploaded?

We forbid uploading of the following main types of content:
a. pornography or child pornography, sexually explicit postings and/or content;
b. promotions dealing with escort services, dating services, illegal goods, illegal drugs and/or actions relating to any terrorist activities;
c. materials that illustrate any hatred towards others that may or may not be slanderous, grossly offensive, expressions of prejudice or lewd blatant profanity that involves violence, harassing, bullying and otherwise objectionable content;
d. services that result in spamming and/or any pyramid schemes or gambling;
e. posts that promote instructions to encourage destructive or illegal actions against any governments, organizations or law enforcement agencies;
f. content that introduces any harmful viruses, code and/or Trojan Horses;
g. content that would violate any copyrights, trademarks, and/or patents within the Turbobit site or any third party without the explicit written consent of the sole owner;
h. pornography with animals;
i. criminal offenses.

We also reserve the right to block any accounts where we find any material violating the rules and conditions of our service.

Our conclusion about the provider

All in all, it is very easy and practical to upload and download files from the provider Turbobit. With the free option you can test the service and use the maximum speed and other features, such as your download manager, with the turbo option. Upgrading to Turbobit Premium is easy to find and surprisingly fast. Due to the good user-friendliness, the strong service and the very attractive earning possibilities, the filehoster Turbobit is in any case recommended.

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