Endless life time of most files till the ending of the night time!

We are aware that you’d prefer to like to unwind and rest from the summer as opposed to always assessing the storage phase of these files by stressing and thinking all of the time which they will soon be removed before you see. Because of this, we’ve prepared for you just a modest special summer time award.

This spring we began to invisibly boost our technical abilities of our Turbobit.net and also Hitfile.net solutions to create work just as much smooth and comfortable since it really possible. Ergo, now we’ve enough free space on our servers that we’d love to talk.

We’re extremely delighted to notify you that people focus on your summer promo Infinite file storage before the close of summer time!’ For users that earn significantly more than inch month throughout the previous 1 month also have an optimistic gap between their earnings and the price of storage.

All those users that have an infinite file storage duration, will find a specific status, they are going to view on the page:’Statistics’.

This status upgrades once weekly (on Mondays) and can be available throughout that week. Consequently, not one of all one’s files will not be removed on account of these constraints of storage.

Promo can be obtained as today and again till the ending of the summertime!!!

When you have some questions, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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