Substantial upgrade of this cube of becoming hyperlinks

We’re delighted to notify you a fantastic news concerning our services. A week ago we internationally updated the port to getting connections functional for files that are uploaded. We left it even convenient for webmasters.

1. To start with, we included a drop down list to form connections inside our port.

Now, all you’ve got an Chance to form documents at another manners:

  • from choice order (automatically)
  • from record title (a to z)
  • from record title (z to a)

2. We removed the tabs’send email’ and then’remove the document’ from the port, as a result of non-use.

3. We added new option”Custom connect templates” to get customization. What exactly is”custom version”? There are connections generated in accordance with a personal template, so you may set this up on your private accounts preferences. To get this done, pleasego to the web link:

Numerous changeable parameters have been provided for adaptive setup:

  • {url} – file reference
  • {url2} – mention to a copy of the document on hitfile (or about turbobit)
  • {urlName} – file name to use in a URL
  • {htmlName} – document title to work with in a HTML
  • {name} – record title in its first type
  • {desc} – textual description of file
  • {size} – document dimensions
  • {fileid} – ID of the file
  • {fileid2} – ID of this mention to some copy of the document on hitfile (or about turbobit)

Following that, you create a template up for your own requirements, mixing the necessary text and variables. As an Example, the straightforward template might seem like that:

<a href=”{url}”>{htmlName}</a> 

What’s more, you may establish an individual “custom” version for three distinct kinds of”download”,”discussion” and also”internet site or site” links.

4. All the choices which you just made once you obtain links will probably be stored.

Every single time you press on the button Access links to the files’ and you should realize the cube to accessing links and also the systems will reveal to you in accordance with your own past specified settings. Thus, you don’t need to carry out the exact tasks each moment.

5. Furthermore, we fixed several Little bugs, for example:

  • fixed captcha on domain names (Private Document Sharing System)
  • resolved the situation with cellphone download;
  • fixed a bug using domain profits for the Selling of documents from the folder

6. We hooked some brand new superior access payment techniques which absolutely raised the purchases conversion!

We’ve completed a great deal of effort to increase our service and we all expect you’ll love our efforts we install. Along side we express our gratitude for our spouses to get their own feedback.

For those who have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support crew.


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